Visual Stats
  Visual Stats is a statistics software to implement data analysis and multivariate statistical analysis.  
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Excel-like data editor is easy to use.
Probability analysis

    Probability density function values

    Cumulative distribution function values

    Survival function values

    Hazard function values

    Quantile values

    Means and variances
Compute descriptive statistics of selected data.
Frequency analysis.
Hypothesis tests - compare means

    One sample Z test

    Two samples Z test

    One sample t test

    Independent-samples t test

    Paired-samples t test
Hypothesis tests - compare variances

    One sample

    Two samples

    K samples(Levene test)

Hypothesis tests - correlation tests.
Variance analysis

    One-way ANOVA

    Two-way ANOVA
Non-parametric tests

    Binomial test

    One sample Chi-square test

    Two samples Chi-square test

    One sample K-S test

    Two samples K-S test

    Sign test

    Runs test

    Wilcoxon signed rank test

    Mann Whitney U test

    Shapiro-Wilk test

    Anderson Darling test

    Lilliefors test

    D'Agostino test

    Kruskal-Wallis test

    McNemar test

    Friedman test

    Cochran Q test

    Kendall's W test
Regression analysis

    Univariate linear regression

    Multivariate linear regression

    Linear curve fitting

    Nonlinear curve fitting

    Trend surface analysis

    Stepwise regression
Correlation analysis

    Bivariate correlation analysis

    Partial correlation analysis

    Canonical correlation analysis
Cluster analysis

    Stepwise cluster analysis

    Hierarchial cluster analysis

    Dynamical cluster analysis
Stepwise discriminant analysis.
Principal component analysis.
Factor analysis.
Correspondence analysis.

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  Windows XP or newer  

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