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Visual Math includes 12 mathematical softwares and provides useful and powerful tools for school, college, university teachers and students. It can also be used by professors, institute researchers, engineers and scientists etc. The main features of these softwares list in the following table. Visual Math has 6 editions, click here to get more information.

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Math Studio Help school teachers and students teaching or studying algebra, function, sequence of number, inequality, geometry, analytic geometry, solid geometry, limits, derivatives, integrals etc.
Visual Calculus Compute and graph limits, derivatives, integrals, 3D vectors, vector operations, partial derivatives, double integrals, triple integrals, series, ode etc.
Visual Stats A professional software to implement data analysis and multivariate statistics analysis.
Visual Matrix Provide a simple way to implement matrix operations and decomposition.
Visual Optim Linear programming and nonlinear programming.
Visual Fitting Fit data with linear, nonlinear curve models, surface models, volume models and polynomial models. 2d, 3d and 4d models graphing.
Visual Probability Compute and graph probability density functions, cumulative distribution functions, survival functions, hazard functions, and get quantile values, means and variances of ten more distributions with this software.
Visual Data
The right choice for scientific data visualization. 3D surface data and 4D volume data can be visualized with this software.
Visual Complex A graphing calculator to create graphs of complex variable functions.
Visual Fractal An interesting grapher to create graphs of fractals.
Function Grapher This graphing calculator can graph 2D, 2.5D, 3D functions and table data, and is very useful for teaching and studying algebra, calculus etc.
Math Calculator " This is a great calculator. It lets you do almost every function u would need. It is very useful if ur in CALCULUS!! " ---- Download Software Library
VMath ActiveX DLL

This ActiveX DLL is developed for developers and integrated most algorithmns of Visual Stats, Visual Fitting, Visual Probability, Visual Optim, Visual Matrix and many other numeric algorithmns. This DLL can be used in any development enviroment supporting COM DLL such as VC, VB, Excel, Access etc.

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VData ActiveX Control

This ActiveX Control is developed for developers and integrated most features of Visual Data and 2d graphing. Using this control, 2d scatter, curve, 3d scatter, surface, delaunay triangulation network, colormap, contour plot, 3d contour plot and 4d scatter, slices, vector plot, isosurface can be easily created.

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