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List Of Math Functions

 abs        absolute value
 atan       inverse tangent
 cos        cosine
 exp        exponent (exp(x) - e raised to the power x)
 int          rounds number to the closest integer
 log         natural logarithm
 rnd        random number
 sin         sine
 sqr        square root
 tan         tangent
 sec        Secant         Sec(X)=1/Cos(X)
 csec      Cosecant     Csec(X)=1/Sin(X)
 ctan       Cotangent    Ctan(X)=1/Tan(X)
 asin        inverse sine                    Asin(X)=Atn(X/Sqr(-X*X+1))
 acos       inverse cosine                Acos(X)=Atn(-X/Sqr(-X*X+1))+2*Atn(1)
 asec       inverse secant                Asec(X)=Atn(X/Sqr(X*X-1))+Sgn((X)-1)*(2*Atn(1))
 acsec     inverse cosecant            Acsec(X)=Atn(X/Sqr(X*X-1))+(Sgn(X)-1)*(2*Atn(1))
 actan     inverse tangent               Actan(X)=Atn(X)+2*Atn(1)
 sinh       Hyperbolic Sine               SinH(X)=(Exp(X)-Exp(-X))/2
 cosh      Hyperbolic Cosine           CosH(X)=(Exp(X)+Exp(-X))/2
 tanh       Hyperbolic Tangent         TanH(X)=(Exp(X)-Exp(-X))/(Exp(X)+Exp(-X))
 ctanh     Hyperbolic Cotangent      CtanH(X)=(Exp(X)+Exp(-X))/(Exp(X)-Exp(-X))
 sech      Hyperbolic Secant           SecH(X)=2/(Exp(X)+Exp(-X))
 csech     Hyperbolic Cosecant       CsecH(X)=2/(Exp(X)-Exp(-X))
 asinh      Inverse Hyperbolic Sine            AsinH(X)=Log(X+Sqr(X*X+1))
 acosh     Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine        AcosH(X)=Log(X+Sqr(X*X-1))
 atanh     Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent      AtanH(X)=Log((1+X)/(1-X))/2
 asech     Inverse Hyperbolic Secant        AsecH(X)=Log((Sqr(-X*X+1)+1)/X)
 acsech   Inverse Hyperbolic Cosecant    AcsecH(X)=Log((Sgn(X)*Sqr(X*X+1)+1)/X)
 actanh   Inverse Hyperbolic Cotangent   ActanH(X)=Log((X+1)/(X-1))/2

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